by Mark Olbrich Blues Eternity

Released 2016
Ore Limited
Released 2016
Ore Limited
AMTRAK is a pre-release from upcoming album ‘Blues Everywhere’ (Jan 2017). It reflects on time in the cradle of the blues: Mississippi. Our current album got Blues Record of the Year award by and we hope this one will live up to it!
AMTRAK is a pre-release single from the upcoming album ‘Blues Everywhere’ coming out in January 2017. It reflects on our time in the cradle of the blues – Mississippi and how it affected us.

Mark Olbrich Blues Eternity is 15 years old this year! We’re very proud of our last album Live From Pamela Blues, receiving the accolade of Blues Record of the Year in Europe by portal and hope this new song and the album it will be on will live up to the even higher expectation.

The media have been kind also. Some quotes from the last European tour:
Absolutely phenomenal material - RADIO GRA FM
· Live blues magic -
· Top class musicians – Radio PiK
· Exceptional line-up – Your Blues
• “We are now listening to the album and I've gotta say - it's incredible!
I haven't heard anything like this for a long time. I actually much prefer this to the recent works of John Mayall” – Mick Chwedziak

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