Blues Eternity featuring Sarasota Slim

by Mark Olbrich Blues Eternity

Released 2006
Released 2006
Rocking blues from Britain's Best featuring Sarasota Slim
"played supremely well by a killer band who had virtually no time to rehearse for the show. There's undoubted frisson in the air, with Mark's bass driving a relentless rhythm section through a mix of shuffles, boogie and swing" - Pete Feenstra - The Independent.

"Overall this album really does sound like a true representation of a top band playing out of its skin in front of an enthusiastic crowd". Blues Review.

Band comprises quintessential Southern US frontman Sarasota Slim, much rejuvenated by Britain's leading bluesmen:

Paddy Milner - a young piano sensation described by late, great Johnnie Johnson as 'true great' and 'my sucessor' at Mustique festival.

Sam Kelly - Blues Drummer of the Year - five years running.

Mark Olbrich - band leader, bassist and producer. 'The grooviest around' - PIKFM Radio.

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