Blues Everywhere

Mark Olbrich Blues Eternity

Rocking British Blues in the British Invasion tradition. Up-beat, energising music across the blues styles leaving you happy and ready for more.

I am putting ‘me’ in your hands with Blues Everywhere. It is the story of, well, MY blues everywhere: geographically – as in the years gone by I played pretty much everywhere from England to the US, many European countries, etc.; logistically – I played shows everywhere in terms of big festivals and tiny pubs and clubs and anywhere in between. Emotionally – my blues soul and my entire soul in fact experienced all kinds of blues and all kinds of events and people over many decades and their impact on my feelings is reflected in quite all songs here. At the end of this journey I found myself as blues artist and as a man – for this I am eternally thankful to all that made it possible – especially my band and artists involved – many a legend in their own right. For example Laurie Garman started and recorded with Freddy King (3 albums), then 3 years in Yardbirds and recordings with Bob Marley!

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    Torun 5:36